POTM (nov 2012): 1 Pound

I like pic of the month because it’s one of the few places on my blog where I don’t have to talk about myself. Unless it’s a stupid picture, then everyone will say:


who me?,



Then it will become about me pretty quickly.

Anyway, this month I’ve avoided another footballing picture for a couple of reasons.

Actually, there is really only one reason i chose this months picture: IT’S HILARIOUS!




The most fun you can have with a pound!

I chuckle every time I see this. I think it’s priceless – Ya see what I did there? 😉

It does beg the question, is there anything funner you can do with a pound?

Here is a list of other things you could do with a pound:

  • Buy a candy bar (Close, but no cigar)
  • Ride the ferris wheel (no)
  • Buy a lottery ticket (possible, but unlikely)
  • Put 1/4 gallon of gas in your car (fun for about 6.349 miles)
  • Get a train ticket to Ilkley or Guiseley (umm, really?)
  • Make a little kid happy (until they swallow it)
  •       – He’s poopin by the pound! haha ok that’s funny
  • Ask for change (for a pound, be serious)
  • Tip the bartender (yea for like 1 beer = no fun)
  • Go to a public bathroom in the UK at least 3 times
  • Sadly, you can’t even buy a coffee for that these days

I think we have a clear winner here.

That’s just my opinion, if you can think of something funner to do, let me know and I’m happy to give it a try!

As always, a little reminder to use your head-first when you spend pounds!

God Bless,


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