Video Gems!

Since I am bored of telling you about myself – I know you thought that would never happen – I am going to simply show you some soccer videos that I thought were pretty good. On my end though, football opportunities have picked up and training has been going well, so I have been encouraged and excited about that.

I also realize this is a terribly unoriginal idea for a blog…oh well.

Since everyone has been stuffing their guts the last few days, I thought I would indulge you in a feast for your eyes. Here are some videos that I have come across recently that I really enjoyed. I hope you do too.

We’ll start with an old video, that I just came across recently. If you know I am a Manchester United fan, than I hardly need to explain this one.

Watching that video just puts a smile on my face. Celebrating in the locker room after a big game is one of the most rewarding and memorable things a player will do.

Moving on. When the wild and erratic Swede wreaked havoc on England in a friendly international game a few weeks ago, the football world were all in awe of him. His fourth goal (yes, his 4th in the game) in the 4-2 win was quite remarkable and had everyone ooing, awing and googly eyed…and for very good reason. While we all enjoyed the moment – I think even some English fans found some pleasure in it – someone stepped in and said “what’s new?”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores jaw dropping goals all the time! If you have time you can see 24 of them here (the last one is his wonder goal against England recently).

Despite his wonderful acrobatics and plethora of breathtaking goals, Ibrahimovic isn’t the most appealing character in World football. If he was paid to make friends, he would probably spend most of his time kicking people in the unemployment line. On the other hand, the guy in the next video is one of the most like-able players in world football. Throughout his career, he has also had no shortage of spectacular moments.

Now, of course we all love Ronaldinho because he scores goals like that. But we also love him, because of his joy; he never seems to be without a smile. He plays with an undeniable passion and love for the game. His reaction to this goal is just as phenomenal as the goal itself. He gives honor and respect to the game he loves so much, instead of looking to get honor and respect  from it.

I couldn’t get the next video directly into my post, but its a fun one! The improbability of the situation makes it quite impressive.


Not many field players at the top level can say they’ve stopped a penalty kick. Saving a PK (I saved one once in high school!) is the equivalent of scoring a spectacular goal for a goalkeeper. Yet, as you can see from this players reaction, the sensation was something completely new and exciting to him!

Now for a bit of humor. This one is straight from the blooper real. This is one of those moments that you would just have to except and try to forget about as soon as possible.

Alright, that’s it from me everyone. Hope that even if you are not a fan of soccer you can at least appreciate some of the more fantastic, and not-so-fantastic, moments it has to offer.

Hope to have some good news to report soon!

Until then, go head first.

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!



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