About Blog

Looking off into the Killarney Mountains

Hello, my name is Sean O’Reilly. I can’t tell you what I am or what I do, because I don’t really know myself. My current life consists of football, or as I should say as an American; soccer. I moved to England to chase the dream of being a professional footballer. I have a passion for the game and to me there are few things more satisfying than coming off the field after earning 3 points absolutely exhausted.

I am writing this blog from that point forward, in an effort to share my story, as it unfolds, with anyone who is crazy enough to listen. I won’t always be writing football, but I will try to relate most of my posts back to it in one way or another. I’ll do my best to entertain you.

I am dedicating this blog to my Mom and Dad, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

And also a special thanks to all my family and friends who have reached out to support me in any way, I feel useless without them.

God Bless you all and don’t be afraid to dive head first.



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