“In Giving We Receive”

Dear Friends,

I’m asking you for money. Begging.

Just getting that out of the way straight away.

Now for the details:

Do it for the kids

Do it for the kids

At the end of this May, I am planning on taking the wonderful opportunity to join a Mission trip to St. Lucia. This mission, which is run by FOCUS Catholic Missionary’s, uses the wonderful sport of soccer to reach out to third world countries and bring them the word of God.

I have always loved to play soccer and God has blessed me with the strength and skills to do so at a high level. I find that in life we can only love and appreciate God’s gifts fully when we are able to share them with others. So, this mission is a fantastic opportunity for me to, not only share the gift of soccer, but also to share with others the incredible gifts of my faith and God’s infinite love and mercy (ex: he’ll forgive you if you miss the PK to lose the World Cup final).

While I have every intention of selflessly giving during this mission trip, I find that God often turns the tables on us. In this way, I am very excited to find out what special lessons and blessings God has in store for me on this trip. As the St. Francis prayer so aptly puts “It is in giving, that we receive”.

On that note, and considering I have just told you how many gifts I have received in my life, I am going to go ahead and ask for some more. I am trying to raise the necessary money to pursue this opportunity. So, please consider if you are willing and able to support me and this mission. If so, please visit my Mission Trip Fund Page


You can give small gifts of anywhere between $30,000-$50,000…well you could if you really wanted. Any amount that you are able to share would be fantastic and is greatly appreciated.

I wise woman once told me that “to give out of one’s surplus is justice, but to give out of one’s need is charity”. But please, don’t worry, I won’t discriminate, I’ll take either 😉

If you are unable to help financially at this time, your support is still needed and just as much appreciated in the form of your thoughts and prayers.

You can be assured of my prayers in return.

You can also be assured of a post all about the experience!

Thank you all very much.


FYI: Just to give you a rough idea, I have to raise a minimum of $1,700.

Contact me if you have any questions: seano@petrine.net


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