My blog and I

Let’s face it blog, you and I have a strained relationship. Observers must think we are just a fling. A quick flurry of posts to get attention, like throwing a match on gasoline.

Well, here we are facing one another, wondering what’s to happen next. Will you flutter out and only be a memory to me, like Sally, Mary, Matilda? Errr…yes, now you know, I have lied, you are not my first love.

Or, will I stoke the fire. Will I get the courage to go out into the cold and find fuel to rebuild the coals into a blazing roar?

I know I have to face reality, I am the one that needs to put in the work to get back to where we began. All you do is sit here in your cyber existence and wait for me to fill you with my mind and heart and soul. You only seem to come alive when I tell you about my day, about my dreams, my crazy ideas, my every thought and whim. I admit, you are a good listener, you happily take in everything that I have to give you; cheerfully and without complaint.

You become a mirror, staring back at me, reflecting my dreams, my wild ideas, my every thought and whim. No encouragement. No answers. No responses. Just me. Everything I am. Everything I am not.

Blog = Mirror
Mirror = Self-reflection
Holy Calves!

I can’t see what I get in return?

Then it hits me, like a train, square on…

And I do see,

Dear Blog, thank you.

Let’s have lunch.


PS: Readers – for further explanation, please do not consult me.


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